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Quaid-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Education does not merely mean academic education, and even that appears to be of a poor type. What we have to do is to mobilize our people and build up the character of our future generations. There is an immediate and urgent need for training our people in the scientific and technical education in order to build up our economic life, and we should see that our people undertake scientific, commerce trade and particularly, well planned industries.But do not forget that we have to compete with the world which is moving very fast in this direction.Also I must emphasize that greater attention should be paid to technical and vocational education.

haji sab

Haji Bashir Ahmed

There are some of the premier Technical and Management institutes in Pakistan which are conducting useful programs for developing skilled workforce, technicians and middle-management professionals for the manufacturing sector. Sitara Group of Industries (SGI) in its own capacity has established Sitara Institute of Management & Technology (SIMT) for joining hands with alike institutions. I appreciate the efforts made by my Group upon my direction.Large back-up of SGI to train the students under real working environment, both applied and conceptual way will be a hallmark for SIMT to provide Technical training through lectures as well as hands-on-practice to the students. My endeavor is to disseminate the knowledge, impart skill and inculcate creativity in our students so as to meet the challenges of the industry for the country’s need of our culture by incorporating build-in syllabus on social Sciences

The Late Chairman Sitara Group of Industries said about Sitara Institute of Management & Technology.I have directed SIMT Management that no effort should be spared to provide the right type of Technical Education and practical training to our students in line with our other educational institutions operating under Aziz Fatima Trust (Education Wing). I have a desire that with all sincere efforts, the Institute should go for quality education in Technical, Vocational and Hi-Tech Trainings along with Management Sciences.
I wish SIMT and its management best of luck.


Mian Muhammad Adrees

Sitara Group of Industries has set up Sitara Institute of Management & Technology (SIMT) for quality training to the desirous youth under real working environment and with support of its large back-up of Group’s entities. I would like to apprise you that SIMT has been established with a very clear objective of creating an academic atmosphere for imparting and intensive quality oriented education in the field of Technology and Management Sciences.

The institute has got affiliation from Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) for BS Technology in Electrical, Mechanical and Civil, BS computer Science, BS Chemical. The institute has also affiliate with Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore for its Technical Diplomas in Associate Engineer in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical. Computer Information, Civil, Chemical, Food Processing, Petroleum Technology. For our short regular technical courses these are being registered with TEVTA while some of the courses are registered with National Training Bureau. We are also registered with Faisalabad BISE for Management programs. SIMT is also forcing on hospital/Para Medical courses/Diplomas.

Every effort will be made in this direction to achieve these objectives. Let us join hands to enrich our human capital through skills. May Allah be with us in fulfilling our mission.

Muhammad Mukhtar Pasha

Education is very important constituent in the long run success of any nation and it plays a vital role to change the state of any country. If the nation is willing to bring any revolution in any of their fields, the initial step for this cause is to get the largest education which will give them the ultimate power to meet the challenges.

Technical education is the major component which enables a men to analyze and create their own goals and mission regarding their progress and success. Being a part of the modern age of science, we have technologies in every aspect of our life. Good technological  education will provide good technicians which will ultimately play their role in the success of the country. Technology is very easy to adopt but it is a hell of a difficult task to create the technology, Pakistan today has been very good in adopting the technology from the other countries either industry, hospitals or for agriculture but still the people are unable to produce or to create technology in all fields. This is because for developing the technology it requires very high skill teams having a very high level of relevant knowledge. For this purpose good technical institutes are required and at the same time the concern of government is also required so that these institutions can be facilitated with the proper requirements.

Pakistan is a developing country. It has an essential need of having technical knowledge, so that industries and different technologies may develop here. In the present world, no country can develop without technology and science, so we should take help from the developed countries to train our people in technical fields and the young people should be invited to take interest in technology.

Now a days science and technology has so much developed and become so popular in the world that technology is proved as a main source for the development of a country. Without utilizing a new technology, which is introduced and adoped by developed countries, a developing country cannot reach upto the level of developed countries. In conculusion, it is very essential and crucial that effective and good quality technical education is offered to all the individuals so that they excel in their professional life. Furthermore, this will then promote the name of Pakistan at an international level and will promise to provide positive impact on Pakistan’s economy.