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Admission Policy

Our goal strategy is:-

a. Technology Focused
Emphasis on developing skill and knowledge in technical area that will have practical value in the work place.
Besides technical instructions, the programme of study offered at SIMT is to focus to create ability for problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork skills.

b. Convenient Year-Round Class Schedules
Academic year of the institute starts from September, last week of December is for winter vacation and June, July, August are annual examination period and summer vacation.

c. Learn & Apply
Our Technical students spend considerable time in the Labs, where they are encouraged to apply what they learn in the class rooms and see for themselves how, why and what makes things to work. They are provided hands-on practice environment by using equipment that is similar to what is used in industry and in other practical environment. Moreover, Industrial practical training is unique.

i. Training Ratio:
a) Theory 30%
b) Practical 60%
c) Common Course 5%
d) Test/Revision 2%
e) Extra Curricular including parents Teachers Meeting 3%
ii. Methods of Instructions:
a) Medium: English/Urdu
b) Methods: Lectures, Demonstrations, Practical, Tutorial Audio Video Presentations.
c) Training: Material Trainees/Instructor Manuals/Workbooks
d) Tests: Monthly, Spot and Final
e) Individual Projects: One during the course
f) Evaluation Sessional marks (Attendance, Class activity, Individual projects, Monthly Tests)
iii. Career service
The career preparation begins long before graduation. At our Institution, assistance will be offered on job-seeking and job-keeping skills and techniques. Sitara Institute provides career resources designed to assist students with their personal growth and professional development
iv. Library
Library plays a vital role in every education system.It importance in modern education is undeniable.It gives the students opportunities to develop insight and research oriented learning.Well stocked library with hard soft copies, Internet facility is also available.
v. Laboratories & Workgroups
To provide an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts which are introduced in the lectures. It is important that students have an opportunity to verify some of the ideas for themselves. Different Laboratories and workgroups are provided for the purpose. A state of the art computer lab with 50 workstations duly interconnected through server provides adequate facilities for computer trainees.
Code Of Conduct
SIMT aims at imparting quality training in an immaculate atmosphere conducive to learning. At the same time the management expects its students to stride towards the acquisition of their objectives should be reflected in their everyday behavior and attitude.

The Institute demands a high order of punctuality and regularity from its staff and Students.
The Institute is NO-SMOKING area, and at no time in any premises smoking is allowed.
The students should refrain from any damage to Institute property and tool/equipment, fixtures and any other equipment under their use.
The students are advised to keep their mobiles switched off in class room, Library, Labs etc are maintained decent environment.
The students are requested to keep the Institute premises clean and should use the designated dust bin for wasteful things.
The Students suffering from contagious or any infectious disease are not permitted to attend the institute without proper medical clearance from the doctor.
The dispute, misunderstanding or any matter of discipline will be referred to the Discipline Committee.
No Sectarian or political activities will be allowed in institute premises.
Students will take care of their belongings themselves and administration will not be responsible/ accountable for loss of books, mobiles or any other item.